New instant fat filled milk powder: Lactimilk!

Jan 15 2018
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Lactalis Ingredients launches Lactimilk®, a new fat filled milk powder with 28% fat and 24% protein to match whole milk powder composition.


Lactimilk® is an instant fat filled milk powder produced in France from skimmed milk and vegetable fat. It is a cost competitive and a functional alternative to whole milk powders in various applications such as drinks, yogurts, coffee and tea whiteners.

instant fat-filled milk powder


  • Excellent wettability
  • Requires less stirring to reconstitute
  • Good yield in yogurt



  • 28% Fat & 24% protein
  • Fortified with vitamins A & D
  • Rich and Creamy
  • Instant Quality
  • Palm base
  • Slightly Orange Colour



  • Shelf-life: 18 months
  • Packing: gaz-flushed bag


Learn more about Lactimilk instant fat filled milk powder here.


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