Profit from the growing interest in healthy snacking

Oct 2 2019
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At FIE 2019, Lactalis Ingredients will showcase a new product concept: a High Protein Chocolate,  made with Laktein WPC80, an excellent source of protein with optimal functionalities for chocolate. This new concept has been designed to meet the needs of your consumers looking for healthier tasty products.


Growing interest in high protein chocolate

Consumers are more and more concerned about what they eat. As their health consciousness develops, demands for highly nutritional foods are also growing. Many consumers have become aware that protein is a nutrient that supports good health, and are trying to incorporate more into their diet.  According to Mintel, the proportion of global food/drink products launched with a high/added protein claim grew 128%, from nearly 1.5 % to over 3% of food and drink launches. For the food and drink industry, this heightened interest in added protein is an opportunity to develop innovative products and services that can help people to support their healthy lifestyle.

As consumers never want to compromise on taste, the chocolate industry has a particularly strong interest in adding health benefits to a sweet daily product. Whey proteins such as Laktein WPC80 can help to meet consumer needs by improving the nutritional quality of products.


Lactalis Ingredients solution: Laktein WPC80

Fortifying a chocolate product with protein comes with challenges, such as maintaining a chocolate-like texture or a great flavor. Laktein WPC 80 is a clean-taste whey protein concentrate with a low fat content that is optimized for chocolate. These features guarantee excellent taste in the final product.

To meet the needs of manufacturers, Laktein WPC 80 offers a high bacteriological quality. Easy to use and incorporate in chocolate, it doesn’t affect the mixing, conching and tempering step. You can add up to 30 % of protein to obtain a chocolate with a protein content of around 26%.

Moreover, demand for more simple, natural or healthy food with more transparency from the industry is rising. Adding Laktein WPC 80 to chocolate allows manufacturers to use less sugar, which corresponds with the sugar reduction trend. In addition, because Laktein WPC 80  can be declared as “milk proteins”, it also allows a clean label positioning.


Meet us at FIE 2019

As one of the largest dairy ingredients producers and global suppliers, we will showcase our broad range of ingredients for the food and nutrition industry. Lactalis Ingredients provides a complete range of high quality products, from whey and milk powders to specialised milk proteins, industrial butter, and cheese ingredients. We always work to adapt our ingredients to the diverse needs of individual markets or customers to find the right solution for each application.

Discover and taste our “High Protein Chocolate” concept and others targeting sport nutrition, healthy ageing or food industry at FIE 2019




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