Lactalis Ingredients at FIC in Shanghai

Jan 8 2020
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In 2020, we are attending one of the largest ingredients event in Asia: the Food Ingredients China, 28-30 June 2020. One great occasion to welcome you on our booth Hall 5.1, Stand 51Z60. Our team will be pleased to support you on every dairy ingredients items.


It will be the occasion to present an overview of the dairy market evolution. We will also be proud to introduce our new products quality and availability for 2020 and especially new protein and whey ingredients offer. 


Lactalis Ingredients to open the world to the best of milk

In 2019, we opened our Chinese subsidiary ‘Lactalis Ingredients China’ a structure fully dedicated to support the Chinese market. Supported by a local team of experts in the dairy industry and aware of all the Chinese specificities, Lactalis Ingredients China aims to develop our whey and milk ingredients offer to support the Chinese demand for dairy products, bakery, infant nutrition, sport nutrition, healthy aging markets or animal feeding.

As one of the largest dairy ingredients manufacturer and global supplier, we provide a wide range of high quality products, from milk & whey powders to specialized dairy proteins, industrial butters and cheese ingredients.


Dairy for everyone

Not only infant formula is a dynamic market in China. China is also a growing market for milk and drinkable yoghurt meaning there are many opportunities to introduce new products and experiment for Chinese dairy manufacturer. China’s milk and yogurt markets are both growing. Milk’s retail market value is projected to reach US$50.1 billion by 2022, and that of yogurt is projected to more than double from 2017 to reach US$28.6 billion by 2022 (source : Mintel 2019). There are plenty of opportunities to innovate for both senior and children; taste, texture, packaging, health claim can be a lever to develop the milk and yoghurt category and meet tomorrow Chinese trends.

According to Mintel, 46% of Chinese consumers agree that dairy products are good for healthy aging. Products enriched in natural dairy protein to prevent muscle loss, to preserve brain damage or gut disorders will appeal to active seniors.

As a leading company in dairy Ingredients, Lactalis Ingredients manufactures and supplies to China a wide range of dairy ingredients – from whey to milk ingredients. Part of our product portfolio, Lactalis Ingredients has been pioneer on the native whey protein market. We have benefited from 20 years of technical expertise and nutrition science to develop Pronativ®, a native whey protein directly extracted from skimmed milk using membrane technologies at low temperature (microfiltration and ultrafiltration), so preserving the native state of the proteins. Pronativ®’s qualitative amino acid profile and preserved protein fractions make it an asset for the formulation of sports, diet and clinical nutrition products. Benefits on athletic performance and sarcopenia have been uncovered through extensive research conducted over the past 10 years and published in reputable scientific journals. Beyond these nutritional properties, the native whey protein Pronativ® is adapted to the formulation of clear water-based beverages or gel up to 10% protein. Thanks to its very clean taste, with no protein aftertaste, and versatility it is the ideal ingredient to boost innovation and explore new applications.

Meet us during FIC to get more information about our dairy protein range and even samples.


Dairy as golden ingredients for infant formula

To best support babies’ growth and development when breastfeeding is not possible, Infant formula are the best way to still continue feeding the babies. Dairy Ingredients are key for infant formula as they allow formulators to mimic breast milk as closely as possible.

As one of the largest dairy ingredients producers and global supplier, Lactalis Ingredients has developed a full range of dairy Ingredients for infant formula. From whey or milk, we can support you on every kind of milk ingredients you might need: lactose, WPC 35, WPC 80, Laktodem demineralized whey powder. Moreover, we offer Prolacta®, a range of soluble milk proteins dedicated to infant formula and baby food. Prolacta® offers an excellent biological value and a balanced amino acid profile with high levels of EAAs, allowing formulators to mimic breast milk as closely as possible. Moreover, the particularly high tryptophan levels in Prolacta® support the reduction of the overall protein content in baby formulas while maintaining optimal levels of nutrients; thus contributing to the healthy growth of the baby and reducing the risk of obesity later in life. Prolacta® also contains bioactive peptides such as alpha-lactalbumin, immunoglobulins and lactoferrin that studies have shown may protect infants from intestinal infections and gastrointestinal discomfort.


If you are planning to visit FIC 2020, stop by Hall 5.1, Stand 51Z60. We will be pleased to share with you any kind of information you might need regarding dairy.

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