New sweet whey powder Flowhey® availability!

Jan 30 2020
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Lactalis Ingredients will now be able to offer more Flowhey® volumes. After several months of work, the plant of Verdun is about to start its first production of Flowhey® – a High Fluidity Sweet Whey Powder easy to store and to use, very convenient for all kind of food processes.


Discover Flowhey®, our High Fluidity sweet whey powder.


Flowhey®: a technology developed by Lactalis Ingredients

First developed by Lactalis Ingredients in the 1970’s, Flowhey® technology has been implemented in a French plant recently acquired by Lactalis Ingredients: Verdun (former LSF plant). 3 years after the acquisition, Lactalis group has decided to fully upgrade the industrial tools of the factory to best meet today and tomorrow expectations. Verdun renovation has been a massive project for Lactalis Ingredients in 2019. This is part of our strategy to continuously improve our tools, way to work and think to afford the best for our customers. Lactalis has become a leader in dairy ingredients and is deeply convinced that quality must be a major concern.




Flowhey®: a process developed to improve powder stability

Flowhey® technology is based on a process designed to optimize Lactose crystallization in order to decrease hygroscopicity and avoid caking, lumping and browning phenomenons. With its high crystallization rate, the powder obtained has very good flowability properties. Compared to a standard sweet whey powder, Flowhey® is 3 times more fluid with a flow of 3 kg/h for Flowhey® compared to 1 kg/h for a standard sweet whey powder.

Thanks to its high crystallization rate, Flowhey Sweet Whey Powder presents other great benefits. Flowhey does not become brown even at 72°C while a standard sweet whey powder comes to maillardise very fast in such conditions.


Whatever the conditions, Flowhey® stays fluid, consistent and homogeneous. All these benefits make Flowhey® a good solution for you: easy to store and very convenient to use, it will help you to improve your efficiency. Characterised with complete functional properties ranging from heat stability and high fluidity to mouthfeel enhancement, our Flowhey® powders are an asset in a wide range of applications. In addition, our longstanding technical expertise allows us to maintain high standards and ensure product of quality.







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