Discover our new recipe of Lactimilk® at Gulfood Manufacturing

Sep 24 2019
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Lactalis Ingredients has developed a new recipe of fat-filled milk powder under the brand Lactimilk®. The product has been specifically designed to improve yields of artisanal and industrial yoghurts. Visit us at Gulfood Manufacturing to try our new recipe.


LACTALIS Ingredients at Gulfood Manufacturing : 29-31 Oct. 2019

Visit us at stand S1 B86 to discover the dairy ingredients we offer. As a global whey and milk ingredients producer, we will be showcasing our broad range of ingredients for the food and nutrition industry.

Come learn more about our high quality products, from whey and milk powders to specialized dairy proteins, industrial milk fat, and cheese ingredients.


Growing demand for affordable dairy powders

Demand for affordable dairy ingredients continues to grow in emerging countries. Consumers can turn to fat-filled milk powders to meet this need. Made from selected vegetable fat and high quality skimmed milk, our fat filled milk powders are economic alternatives to whole milk powder. We offer different references with 26% or 28% fat, as well as varying protein levels.

Our new Lactimilk® recipe has been reworked and developed specifically for yoghurt applications. It was developed to match whole milk powder composition, with 24% protein and 28% fat. The product is enriched in vitamins A&D to meet nutritional needs. Lactimilk® features excellent yields in artisanal and industrial yoghurts.


Dairy proteins to support active lifestyle

Governments and companies in Middle East are pushing for a healthier diet. A rise in health awareness is driving the demand for better-for-you products. This is a great opportunity for companies wishing to offer healthier solutions to adapt to consumer’s demand.

LACTALIS Ingredients can help you meet the diverse functional and nutritional needs of consumers with a wide range of proteins for nutritious and tasty applications.

Discover LACTALIS Ingredients’ new heat stable whey protein: Laktein WPC80 and Laktein WPI. Available with 80% or 90% protein content, Laktein is the ideal solution for clean label yoghurts and protein fortification.

Learn more about Pronativ® native whey protein. This protein is naturally rich in essential amino acids, such as leucine, which is key in muscle synthesis. It is the best source of natural and pure native whey protein, and enables high protein enrichment of products without compromising flavor. Thanks to more than 15 years of research, the unique quality of Pronativ® is undeniably clear. Its functional benefits have been clinically proven, particularly with respect to sport performance and recovery after a workout.

If you are planning to visit Gulfood Manufacturing 2019, please stop by stand S1-B86. We will be pleased to welcome you.

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