Lactalis ingredients launches Pronativ® Native Micellar Casein

Lactalis ingredients launches Pronativ® Native Micellar Casein

Feb 8 2021
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Pioneer in the production of native proteins with Pronativ® Native Whey Protein, Lactalis Ingredients expands its range with a native micellar casein isolate. 



Rising demand for functional food and drink Lactalis ingredients launches Pronativ® Native Micellar Casein

The ageing population is driving demand for functional food and drink. The number of older persons worldwide should double by 2050. And as people live longer, their sick years increase. It means that life expectancy is growing but not the healthy one. That is why healthy ageing will be one of the main concerns in the coming years. Therefore people are looking for food that helps them live healthier for longer and prevent the occurrence of health problems.

Senior nutrition is moving from cure to prevention, and ageing well products are targeting not only older consumers but also younger consumers who are proactive about healthy ageing.

For many consumers, staying active is a priority. Muscle and joint health claims are, therefore, important given the potential for muscle loss due to ageing. Protein’s benefits for muscle growth, recovery, and weight management make them ideal for food and drink fortification.


Pronativ® Native Micellar Casein to meet the needs of consumers who want to take care of their health proactively

Lactalis Ingredients launches Pronativ® Native Micellar Casein, a new reference of native protein. Combining superior nutritional and functional properties, Pronativ® is ideal to fulfill the unique needs of the nutrition industry. This native protein meets the needs of consumers looking to support their active lifestyle, as well as provide nutritional solutions for healthy ageing and medical applications.

Pronativ® Native Micellar Casein is a minimally-processed protein. It is extracted directly from milk using gentle processing with no added ingredients or chemicals.  This non-denaturing process allows us to obtain a native protein, very close to the conformation of the protein present in the milk.



Pronativ® Native Micellar Casein features

Lactalis Ingredients’ new micellar casein isolate contains 87% protein and is suitable for protein-enrichment of food and beverages. Our new reference meets the requirement of manufacturers:

  • low viscosity
  • heat-stable
  • low spores
  • neutral taste
  • and a good source of micellar calcium.


For more information on Pronativ® native micellar casein, please click here.


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