New Identity for Flowhey® high fluidity whey powder

Apr 6 2020
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Lactalis Ingredients will now be able to offer more Flowhey® volumes in a newly designed bag. After several months of work, the plant of Verdun is about to start its first production of Flowhey® – a High Fluidity Sweet Whey Powder easy to store and to use, very convenient for all kinds of food processes.


New capacities and a new bag design for Flowhey®

In parallel with the renovation going on at the Verdun plant, Lactalis Ingredients created a new bag design for its Flowhey® whey powder product line. This new bag allows a better identification of the product while ensuring the  preservation of its quality during transport and storage. This change in bagging concerns all the sites producing Flowhey® quality. The creation of this new bag aims to better meet our customers’ requirements with updated regulatory information. In order to facilitate the development of our export sales, we have chosen to add several languages to gain in reactivity, readability and flexibility (addition of English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese).


Flowhey®, a unique quality of whey now also available on the Verdun plant site.

After several years of works, Verdun plant is now benefiting from major technical improvements that allow us to better meet our customer needs. This is a unique technology designed to better crystallize the lactose contained in the whey by using the latest technologies in concentration, crystallization and drying.

The whey resulting from this technology is marketed under the brand name FLOWHEY®. Born from Lactalis Ingredients’ technical expertise, Flowhey® whey powders are known for their properties of very high fluidity and great stability, particularly in geographical regions where temperature and hygroscopicity conditions can make whey unsuitable for food processing (browning, caking or clumping phenomena). Flowhey® whey powders have very good preservation properties, since they do not clump or brown.


FloWhey® is a full range of whey products:

  • Sweet whey powder
  • Heat stable sweet whey powder
  • 40% demineralized sweet whey powder: DEMLAC 8000


For each application, a specific reference has been developed with an adapted composition and microbiological profile.


Please feel free to contact us for further information.




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