Verdun 2020: new capacity and technological investments to come

Oct 1 2019
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Lactalis Sweet whey powder and demineralized whey powder plant in Verdun: new capacity and technological investments to come in 2020.



Continuous improvements since 2014

Since Lactalis Ingredients acquired Lactosérum France LSF in 2014, the plant has profited from continuous improvements thanks to Lactalis Ingredients’ expertise.

LSF factory has been a pioneer in whey powder and demineralized whey production and after 50 years of existence, our factory was in need of a face-lift.

For the past three years, the plant has undergone major renovations to upgrade the whole structure. ‘We are proud to manage such a massive project that will help our products to better meet our customer’s needs,’ says Mahmoud Kamal, Verdun plant Director. ‘Markets are fast changing, and we continuously have to adapt our product and know-how to the market expectations, specifically when it concerns sensitive targets such as babies or ageing people.’


New investments for safer dairy products and preserved environment

This investment has allowed LACTALIS Ingredients to meet two major challenges: satisfying its customers’ unique requirements and lowering its environmental impact.

According to our group’s CSR policy, we are moving ahead in our environmental engagement by using solar heat for hot water production. To this end, we will build the biggest solar farm for hot water production in Europe by the end of 2020.

This new investment includes a new spray dryer to upgrade our sweet whey powder quality by optimizing the lactose crystallization thus implementing a new quality of sweet whey powders under Flowhey brand. Born of Lactalis Ingredients’ technical expertise, Flowhey sweet whey powders are known for their high fluidity, no browning or caking properties. Verdun will be proud to inaugurate this new spray dryer by the end of 2019. Laktodem, our brand dedicated to demineralized whey powders, will also benefit from the totally new production environment, which has  strengthened our products’ quality and hygiene standards while increasing our availability.

This massive renovation plan is perfectly in line with LACTALIS group global strategy of guaranteeing high quality and safe dairy products to the greatest number of consumers. It also meets LACTALIS Ingredients’ strategy of supporting its customers’ growth while preserving its impact on the environment.

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