Yogurts have a positive image and are considered as nutritious dairy products. Both spoonable and drinkable yogurts are a way to meet the growing consumer demand for healthy snacking:
– higher protein intake
– less fat
– less sugar




Key benefits

Homogeneous and stable texture
Rich and creamy mouthfeel
Fresh dairy taste
Recipe costs optimisation
Protein and milk calcium enrichment

Our ingredients answer these particular needs:

  • Calciane for milk calcium enrichment
  • WPC 80 for high protein Greek-style yogurts
  • WPC 35 as a functional source of protein
  • Skimmed milk powder for a milky taste
  • Prolacta® 80 for texture enhancement and syneresis reduction
  • Lactowell® whey permeate as a cost effective solution


Dairy beverages

In line with the growing demand for dairy products and “on-the-go” trend, beverages are suitable to different lifestyles and diets.

Allowing flexible formula, our range of dairy solutions can meet many different needs depending on the requested product positioning.




Key benefits

Protein and milk calcium enrichment
Rich and creamy mouthfeel
Heat stability
Protein standardisation
Crystallisation catalysis
Costs savings

Using dairy ingredients will help achieving both nutritional and functional assets:

  • Calciane as a source of natural milk calcium
  • WPC 80 Heat Stable for high protein beverages
  • Skimmed milk powder for a milky taste
  • FloWhey® as a source of cost competitive solids with a clean dairy taste and heat stable properties
  • Demlac 8000 demineralised whey powder for a soft flavour
  • Lactowell® whey powder as a cost effective solution


Recombined dairy products

Recombination is a way of obtaining good quality dairy products in some countries where there is no available fresh milk.

To answer these particular needs, dairy ingredients can be used to produce cheese, yogurts, beverages, or ice cream.




Key benefits

Recipe costs optimisation
Dairy flavour
Texturising properties
Creamy mouthfeel
Easy incorporation
Protein and milk calcium enrichment

We provide solutions for recombined dairy products:

  • Fat-filled dairy powders for beverages or fermented  products
  • Low Heat skimmed milk powder for soft cheese manufacturing
  • Whole milk powder with an adequate protein content for yogurts or drinks
  • Lactose and Lactowell® whey permeate


Sweetened condensed milk

Consumers use sweetened condensed milk for its particular flavour, either for cooking or in beverages such as tea or coffee.

The demand is growing in Export markets (South America, India, parts of Africa and Asia).




Key benefits

Dairy flavour
 Creamy colour
 Smooth texture
 Costs savings
Some of our ingredients are adapted to the production of condensed or evaporated milk:

  • FloWhey® heat stable sweet whey powder
  • High heat / heat stable skimmed milk powder
  • Lactowell® whey permeate
  • Demlac 8000 demineralised whey powder
  • Lactose

High fluidity whey powders

A range of High Fluidity whey powders recently developed.

FloWhey® powders are characterised by:

      • A low hygroscopicity
      • A low ability to cake
      • Free-flowing properties
      • Non dusty

FloWhey® has many advantages in  applications and is especially appreciated in sweetened condensed milk processes:

Easy to implement and to handle
Productivity gain
Longer storage



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