Join us at FI Europe Connect 2020

Nov 16 2020
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Taking place from 23 November – 4 December 2020, this virtual event is designed to give you access to the global F&B ingredients industry, tools and collaboration opportunities you require to meet your business objectives. During these two weeks of online meetings, Lactalis ingredients will be participating at the Fi Europe CONNECT. 


More than 85 years of expertise

As one of the largest dairy ingredients producers and global supplier, Lactalis Ingredients brings together the natural goodness of milk, generations of experience and cutting-edge technology to deliver the very best ingredients to fulfill the needs of manufacturers of the food and beverage industry.

We provide high-quality dairy ingredients from whey & milk powders to specialised milk proteins, industrial butters and cheese ingredients designed to address the challenges raised by various applications like dairy products, chocolate and confectionery, bakery and pastry, and cheeses.

We truly seek out the best nutrition and aim to offer innovative solutions by continuously developing new ingredients to broaden our range of dairy solutions tailored to nutritional applications at every stage of life.


High quality products at the FI Europe Connect

On our virtual stand at FI Europe Connect, you will find more information on our high quality products such as:

  • Highly functional Flowhey® whey powder range with high flowability characteristics that is less hygroscopic, with a low ability to cake and heat stable properties.
  • High purity lactose up to 99.6%, with very low protein and minerals content (below 0.1%), from food applications to high value nutritional markets.
  • Our wide range of dairy powders characterised by an excellent solubility, a clean flavour and a consistent nutrient composition. With a special focus on Lactimilk®, a fat filled milk powder containing 28% fat and 24% protein and enriched in vitamins A and D, is due to match whole milk powder composition. It is a cost-competitive and functional alternative in dairy drinks, yogurts, and coffee and tea whiteners.
  • Pronativ®, native whey proteins and Prolacta®, soluble milk protein, are specialty proteins designed to support consumers, regardless of age or health condition. We also offer high quality whey and milk proteins, a range of heat stable whey proteins, adapted to nutritional or tasty applications.
  • Our technical butters and anhydrous milk fat provide the functionality, plasticity, or desired texture in a variety of applications
  • Our range of industrial cheeses, drawing on the Group’s expertise, is adapted to the specific needs of food applications.

At FI Europe Connect, Lactalis Ingredients will also be showing its new instant whey protein range now available with SUNFLOWER LECITHIN to answer the rising and changing demand for more natural and clean products.


Join the team Lactalis Ingredients

Meet us at Fi Europe CONNECT and contact our team. We will enjoy sharing with you future business opportunities.

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