Lactalis Ingredients at Africa Food Manufacturing: Cairo, 2-4 August 2021

Jul 5 2021
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After being cancelled because of the pandemic, Africa Food Manufacturing is back in Cairo from August 2 to 4. We are very pleased to meet and share again our vision and latest innovation with our customers.


Africa Food Manufacturing, a dedicated ingredients event in the Middle East & North Africa region.

Africa Food Manufacturing 2021 will feature the leading global brand “Fi Global” under the name Fi Africa, in response to strong industry demand for a dedicated ingredients event serving Middle East & North Africa region. On the occasion of this new edition come and see us at our stand H4.D11. We will be showcasing our wide range of whey and milk ingredients for the food and nutrition industry.

Offering dairy ingredients for healthy and tasty products

As one of the largest dairy ingredients producers and global supplier, our mission is to offer the best of dairy to as many people as possible, by enhancing the natural nutritional wealth of milk.

Our high standards and know-how makes it possible to manufacture the most suitable ingredients and provides the most adapted technical advice to meet different market expectations: dairy products, bakery, confectionary, and biscuits as well as nutrition applications.


Dairy milk powders adapted to different applications

  • Lactimilk® recipe, a fat filled milk powder with 28% fat, 24% protein to match whole milk powder composition. The product is enriched in vitamins A&D to meet nutritional needs and is a cost competitive and functional alternative to whole milk powders for a range of different applications such as beverages and yoghurts.
  • UHT skimmed milk powder for reconstituted UHT milk. It is heat stable to UHT process, enabling a low plant fouling rate and thus longer run. It delivers products with a pleasant milky taste and stable in the time.
  • LACTALIS Ingredients buttermilk powder, is a natural dairy product with a creamy mouthfeel. Its different properties, such as water binding, foaming or browning make buttermilk powder suitable for bakery, ice cream and dairy applications.


Dairy proteins for functional and nutritional applications

  • LACTALIS Ingredients Rennet casein, has a high protein and calcium contents, to develop firmness and shredding properties in processed cheese while preserving a maximum of elasticity.
  • Laktein WPC80 and Laktein WPI, heat stable proteins for protein fortification.
  • Pronativ®-Native Whey Protein is a very unique native whey protein coming from one single ingredient being the milk. This protein is naturally rich in essential amino acids, such as leucine, which is key in muscle synthesis. Lactalis ingredients has recently launched a new native protein: Pronativ®- Native Micellar Casein. This new reference adds to the range of native proteins. It is a slow protein ideal for reducing muscle protein deterioration.


If you are planning to visit Africa Food Manufacturing 2021, please stop by stand H4.D11. We will be pleased to welcome you and help you find the perfect ingredient adapted to your needs. In the meantime, follow us on Linked In to keep up to date with all our news.





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